In this article we are going to be comparing between the boundless cf vaporizer and the crafty vaporizer. These two portable vaporizers have done great exploits in the vaping industry with their performance and vaping efficiency. Their manufacturers must be very pleased with the commendations these pieces bring on a daily basis. Let the showdown begin.

Build quality and design

The boundless cf is made from high grade plastic and has a ribbed rubber coating which run from the top of its unit to its bottom covering more of the central area. This ribbed coating is specifically for grip when held in the hands to prevent slipping off. This ribbed coating apart from serving as grip for the user, it also makes the unit look beautiful. To the top right corner of the unit are five blue LCD lights which serves as indicator lights showing your current vaping temperature? Also on the unit is a button for turning on/off the unit. The crafty vaporizer is also made of plastic and has same ribbed coatings as the cf vaporizer giving it grip when held and beauty when seen. Also at the side of the crafty unit you would find a temperature button and a lights indicator in front of the unit.

Both the crafty and the boundless cf vaporizers have a good build and design.

Size and weight

The boundless cf vaporizer weighs 142 grams while having an exact dimension of 4 inch tall by 2.4 inch wide and 1.2 inch deep while the crafty has a dimension of 4.3 inch tall, 2.2 inch wide and 1.3 inch deep and weighs 136 grams. The crafty vaporizer is just slightly bigger than the boundless cf vaporizers. They are indeed portable but might not give you maximum discretion. So if you are the type that looks to conceal your units completely, then the boundless cf and crafty is not for you.

The volcano tops the grid in this one because of its light weight though not appearing different from the cf

Temperature and heating systems

I have tried out the boundless cf and the crafty several times because i personally do have a boundless cf vaporizer and my friends do have the crafty. I discovered no much of a difference between these vaporizers in terms of temperature settings and heating methods except for the fact that the heating up time of the boundless cf is faster. The boundless cf vaporizer is accompanied with 5-pre-set temperature setting ranging from 355 to 415f with 15 degree intervals. It can accommodate 0.5 grams of materials in its heating chamber while having a heat up time of about 20 seconds. The crafty on the other hand relies on both conduction and convection heating methods and can accommodate about 0.3 gram of dry herb in its ceramic chamber reaching a desired temperature in about one minute and 30 seconds.

The boundless cf slayed it in terms of temperature control because of its quick heat up time.

Overall performance

The performance of the boundless cf is no way compared to that of the crafty vaporizers. Also the draw resistance in the boundless is high as compared to the crafty and this makes the crafty beat the boundless as far as performance level is concerned.

Advanced technologies

Both the crafty and the boundless comes with amazing new technologies that makes vaping worth the while, the crafty for instance the crafty vaporizer has a free remote control app that allows you control the default and booster temps, check battery level status amongst other fascinating features. The boundless cf on the other hand features no smartapp which makes the crafty a slayer on this one.

Battery life

Both vaporizers possess a non-removable lithium ion battery which can be recharged via the USB provided. The difference is that the crafty has a battery capacity of 2700mah while taking around 2 hours to fully charge but the cf has a battery capacity of 1300mah and also having 2 hours charging time.

The crafty holds much in terms of battery life.

Overall analysis

We love the boundless cf vaporizer because it offers high performance at a very cheap price but the crafty would be crowed winner in this article because it slayed it in virtually all the features highlighted. The crafty is expensive but you are sure to get good value for money spent.

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