Weed when heated up in a vaporizer releases the active ingredients which includes cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) just before combustion of the material which is the function of a vaporizer. This ingredients when released have the capability of fixing all health issues associated with smoking or combusting materials.

When weed is ignited during smoking, this active ingredients are released at once rather than gradually thereby altering the cannabidiols responsible for the unique flavor and smell of cannabis. This simply means vaporizing cannabis requires a vaporizer with accurate temperature control to avoid losing your cannabis to combustion.With the advancement in technology, weed (cannabis plant) can now exist in various forms other than in its natural flower form. They can now exist in liquid form (cannabis oil) which is extracted via chemical methods. This implies that vape pens also known as concentrate pens can now be used to vape cannabis. Interesting!Vaporizing cannabis plant (weed) in its dried form using dry herb vaporizers is still the most popular method of vaporizing cannabis. Much like doing the original thing rather than having it in the form of waxes or liquids. It is believed that vaporizing weed in its natural and original form tastes better than having it other forms. If this is the gospel you preach then dry herb vaporizers are the perfect vapes for you. It just depends on your budget or how much you can afford.

Boundless CFX

Boundless CFX

Some of the best weed vaporizers that would suit your weed consumption needs includes the Boundless CFX weed vaporizer; the CFX a weed vaporizer which operates on dual heating system that is both conduction and convection. It features a 2500mAh battery giving you an amazing battery life.

The Davinci IQ weed vaporizer; the IQ is another amazing portable weed vaporizer manufactured by davinci, very simple to operate, discrete to handle and efficient enough to meet your vaping needs. Davinci IQ vapes have been found to be efficient with herbs as a result of its temperature spectrum, hitting your desired temperature in less than 45 second.

PAX 3 weed vaporizer; this is a powerful vaporizer manufactured by PAX labs offers an amazing vaping experience with dry herbs as well as concentrates. PAX 3 has a quick pre heating time and a powerful battery life delivering strong and tasteful vapor in about 15 seconds.

There are over a 100 different types of dry herb vaporizers but If you’re thinking of consuming natural weed, then you need to employ a weed vaporizer and depending on your budget and lifestyle, you can get an amazing weed vaporizer which would be perfect for natural weed consumption. For some of you that would prefer desktops, volcano desktop vaporizers, the Arizer v tower and the Herbalizer are some very powerful weed vaporizers that would tune your vaping experience on the positive direction, and if are a lover of vape pens. The Atmos jewel, the lynx Hypnos zero, and the Dr Dabber vape pen are also amazing weed vaporizers that will surely satisfy your cravings for THC and CBD.

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