Arizer solo 2 UK manufactured by the Arizer hit the market and created a huge tension in the vaping industry as many users of conventional vapes were beginning to fall in love with the solo. Pax 3 vaporizers also experienced a commendable and tremendous success in the vaping market and till date ranks as one of the best portable dry herb vaporizers in the world. Prepare your minds because there are lots of shocking specs and features that would sweep you off your feet irrespective of the units you possess now.the Pax 3 vaporizerthe Pax 3 vaporizer


Pax 3 vaporizer by pax labs is the flagship of the company and a mothership in the entire vaping industry. The pax 3 vaporizer earned commendable patronage and became the first dual purpose vaporizer manufactured by pax labs. Dual purpose in the sense that it has the ability to vaporize both dry herbs as well as concentrates/ essential oils. The technology incorporated into the buildup of the pax 3 is one of a kind. Imagine a unit that switches between dry herb options and concentrate options in seconds, what about the lip sensing technology that allows the unit heat when it is brought close to the lips and cools down when it is been taken down. What a perfect vaporizer! I kept repeating this phrase until I completed my pre-order and up till date the pax 3 is still my favorite vape despite the fact that several contenders are now available in the market. So many new innovations went into the pax 3 vape and honestly speaking from experience, the pax 3 is the most advanced dry herb vaporizer in the industry right now.

The Arizer solo 2 UK would definitely not be intimidated by the loads of new technology that the pax 3 features and this is basically because the solo itself dwells on a solid foundation of technology as well. The Arizer solo 2 UK manufactured in UK by the Arizer is a dry herb vaporizer which delivers an exceptional vapor flavor as a result of its strong heating element and also due to the incorporation of borosilicate glass draw stem in its design. The technology affiliated with the Arizer solo 2 UK is indeed commendable and as far as advancement in technology is concerned, the Arizer proved to the entire industry that it is not going to be left behind. The Arizer solo 2 UK, such a portable and discrete vape came into play and earned a lot of patronage and commendation because of its high performance and reliability. When you talk about a unit that is easy to clean and maintain, then the Arizer solo 2 UK comes into the picture as it requires just 10 minutes to bring back its shiny and elegant looks. The solo features an LED temperature control system which allows you to adjust manually between 7 preset temperatures until you reach a desired level. I must say that the Arizer solo 2 UK is a must-have vaporizer and when it comes to price, it also stands out among fellow high performing units.


The Arizer solo2 UK vaporizer is a portable hand held vaporizer which has options for only dry herbs while the pax 3 which is now a household name in the industry can vaporize both dry herbs and concentrates or essential oils and also waxes. I think the pax 3 nailed it on this one especially for lovers of concentrates.

The pax is a smart vaporizer with a quick heat up time of about 15 seconds and features a battery capacity of about 3 hours of vaping time. The pax 3 also comes with four preset temperatures (360F, 380F, 400F and 420F). The Arizer solo 2 UK on the other hand doesn’t feature such quick heat up time but its battery capacity can also give up to 3 hours of continues usage but when it comes to temperature options, the Arizer solo 2 UK nailed it featuring 7 preset temperatures which can be manually adjusted via the incorporated LED temperature control system.

The vapor path of the pax 3 witnessed a significant improvement when compared with its predecessor (pax 2) and currently the pax 3 is one of the fastest heating conduction vaporizer in the industry. The vapor path of the Arizer solo 2 UK is made of glass and it prevents impurities from dwelling on the path way thereby resulting in a great and tasty vapor delivery.

The pax 3 also features a smartphone App which makes its temperature control more advanced than the Arizer solo 2 UK vaporizer which employs manual adjustment.

Pax 3 just proved to the world that the fact that the Arizer solo2 UK was crafted in UK doesn’t mean it’s got UK’s back. Pax 3 got

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